For the giant 450 m2 space in C-Mine Genk I made a roomfilling installation in 4 parts. The two sculptures at the entrance refer to the coast in Brittany (France). I moulded parts of the rocks and reproduced them in coloured beeswax with a rectangle base. The second part is formed by 5 dyptichs. The first is closed and based on the colors of a view over the see in Le TrĂ©port at night and in the opposite direction over land. From there the diptychs open each time 45 degrees more and the light comes in, the colors become more bright during the sunrise, the opposite direction transforms into a view from one step aside. The third and major part is a large metal base with 9 pictures of waves mounted on it. The waves are layered. The first, monochrome blue layer  shows a wave at its breaking point. The second layer, printed in black and white on a plexi that is mounted 3 cm in front of the blue layer, shows the same wave but a fraction later. The waves on the base are arranged from a view from more in the distance to a view in the middle of the action. The spectator is invited to wade through the installation. The fourth part of the installation is an empty blue diorama. A mapped lightform is projected on it. The upper part becomes more bright, a horizon appears. The form is growing and shrinking slowly so that the horizon height captures each and everyones eyeheight.

   Stijn Cole